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Choice: The Art Assignment


University of Idaho



Course Level


Conversation points for instructors

This assignment allows for hands-on learning in an online course. Students will not have a common supply kit or reliable access to certain materials so the choice aspect allows them to select a project that they know they can accomplish with what they have or what they are excited to gather. 


Through this process, students can learn more about methods and materials used by contemporary artists and artists from the past while also practicing resourcefulness by utilizing accessible and/or uncommon art materials.


The open and "simple" nature of the prompts allows access points for all levels of students. Students who are new to art and artmaking can find success in trying something new that is focused on process and reflection. More advanced students can push the ideas presented in exciting directions or relate the prompt to ways of creating they are already exploring.


This project is not possible without The Art Assignment by PBS Digital Studios and Complexly.

Art Appreciation, Asynchronous/Online Delivery


I have only used this OER when teaching ART 100 online for students who are not meeting in a studio space as part of the course.



Project Prompt / Challenge

Select an assignment based on your own curiosity and interest. Create your own artwork in response to the assignment prompt utilizing accessible materials, then reflect on the process.



“The Art Assignment is “a video series that introduces you to innovative artists, presents you with assignments, and explores art history through the lens of the present.”


Students will utilize the Prompts/Assignments created by the team at The Art Assignment and a variety of Contemporary Artists.



  • Browse the Assignment options on the Art Assignment website.

  • Select an assignment that interests you and make sure you have or can gather the necessary supplies.

  • Watch the video and read the information in your selected Assignment.

  • Follow the Assignment Instructions and do your best work! (posting to social media as instructed on the website is optional for our class)

  • Take a high-quality image of your work when it is about halfway finished. (Why? To show that you are submitting your original work)

  • Take a high-quality image of your work when it is complete.

Create a document that includes: the name of the Assignment you selected, the two images of your work, and your answers to the following questions:


Questions: (use complete sentences in your answers)

  • In a few sentences, explain why you selected this Assignment from the options.

  • In a few sentences, explain who the artist was that gave the Assignment and what type of art they make.

  • In a few sentences, explain what you think the Artist wanted you to think about in their Assignment.

  • In a few sentences, explain something new you learned or tried in this Assignment.

  • How would you describe your effort in this assignment?


Materials depend on the assignment selected. As stated on The Art Assignment website "The only materials you'll need are the ones you already have or can source for free."


This assignment is used in my online course. I expect it to take about 3-4 hours for the students, including the time spent looking and selecting the assignment, completing the assignment, and writing the reflection.


Online / Video Resources:

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