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Celebrating the Edit

When first stepping into this website project, Naomi J. Falk and I gave ourselves a quick creative challenge. In Richard Serra like fashion, we created a re-verb list. Seeking balance, we asked ourselves what actions fit our generative approach? What expressions didn’t? What descriptors reflected our tone? …our energy? …our drive? As Naomi's old professor, Irv Taran, used to say: "Is it better this way, or that? This way, or that?"

List of action words generated by Naomi J Falk and Stacy Isenabrger, similar to Richard Serra's Verb List
Our Verb List of Re-Considered Words, Naomi J. Falk & Stacy Isenbarger, June 2020

This act helped us clarify our mission. It verified our stance for what makes any project worthwhile… the opportunity to rework it and a space welcoming to its readjustment.

Creating space for revision

Typical academic publications don’t allow for easy edits—once your words our out there, they become fixed, but this website seeks a different approach to academic exchange. If your project is selected for publication, you are welcome to send us edits in the future. If you get (more) examples of student work, send them our way. If you change your strategy or find new supportive resources- let us know. We’re open to your new approaches and welcome your revisions.

Excited about the idea of readjustment? Consider this PROJECT approach.

Intrigued by more exercises inspired by Serra? Check out THIS and THIS.


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