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"Come with US and you'll be..."

Considering all we’ve taken on, tweaked, and transformed as Higher Ed Art + Design Educators over this past year, let's get together and futurecast new possibilities.

What tangible technologies are working well?

What are our silver linings?

What do we do next?

What should we carry forward?

Join for a thought-provoking, uplifting (and free!)

Collective Brainstorming Event!

Friday, March 5th

4pm-6:30pm Eastern / 1pm-3:30pm Pacific

Zoom Imagination Land

Participants, the event zoom link was emailed to you on 2.28 from

We will gather, celebrate our successes, and share our visions for the future.

Based on your specific interests, we will breakout into small groups to discuss:

  • Developing more Representational Pedagogies

  • Inclusive and Inventive Critique Strategies

  • Re-establishing Boundaries/ Restoring our Energy

  • Projects Developed for “Home” Worth Bringing Back to the Studio Classroom

  • Exciting Classroom Tech with Promise

  • (Re)Building Classroom Connections

  • Reviving Graduate Student Empowerment

Working within our groups, we hope to gather some good stuff to share with the wider community. Along the way, we plan to have some fun, too. Expect a bit of collective R&R, some radical reimagining, and a solo dance break.

To help us prepare in advance for our facilitated small group breakout sessions, participants were asked to RSVP by February 15th. We're sorry if you are connecting with this page after this date, but hope you can join us for future events and opportunities.


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