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Manifesting 2021

We're building a Collective Manifesto (MadLib style) for Art + Design Educators as we welcome 2021.

To contribute, email your responses to the following prompts to:

Please include "Manifesto" in the subject line.

Due by January 1, 2020

1. a parting phrase to 2020

2. a word or phrase to describe a rival

3. an object of devotion

4. a verb you use too often

5. a useful tool

6. something you want for your students

7. a goal you have for the future

8. a provoking adverb

9. an alluring adjective

10. an abstract noun

11. a mystical destination

Please note:

Not all responses received may be used in full, but your tenacious spirits will be found throughout the text. We intend to build a conscientious manifesto in a playful Dada/Tristan Tzara sort of way. All contributors will be acknowledged (but not footnoted). Thanks in advance for your contributions!


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