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WDWDN at FATE: Taking on Radical Pivots with a live Project Share!

Stacy Isenbarger, Naomi J. Falk & Michelle Illuminato of WDWDN are looking forward to hosting the session Radical Pivots: A Project Share at FATE's Serious Play 2023 Conference hosted by RMCAD Saturday 4/15/23 from 9am-10:30am in the Mt. Oxford room at the Grand Hyatt Denver. Along with their presentations, we are featuring some of their projects on the site; find links to each below:

Faculty/Student Collaboration + Civic Engagement to Advance Digital Literacy

Sharon Massey & Sean Derry, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

WDWDN Project: Traffic Island Oasis

Trying to Find My 100-Level North Star

Lauren McCleary, University of Idaho

Reality Bites:

Revisioning the Foundations Classroom Away from Perceptual Realism

Mollie Hosmer-Dillard, Utah Tech University

WDWDN Project: Art History Remix

Take Only What You Need, Not What You Want

Erik Scollon, California College of the Arts

WDWDN Project: Protest Prosthetics

AND for those of you FATE attendees visiting this page, thanks for following along! We'd love to share projects and resources from inspiring sessions you attended. Please help us spread the word about Submit and ask others too as well!


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