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Tinkering in the (new) Hybrid Studio Classroom

We are a highly adaptive breed in the WWA (Wide World of Academics).

Show us a tool, and art educators and students alike will invent much more than the original, expected use. Have too much of a mundane material? Pass it our way. We'll surprise you with how dynamic it can become. We are up to the challenge. We play. We tinker. We try. We make do and evolve with new purpose.

Recently, we added one example of embracing and re-purposing tools in our Project Share; check out how face shields were used in Aaron Johnson's Assignment Value You See through Color You Don't.

Students utilize face shields to challenge their understanding of value in Aaron Johnson's Painting Class at University of Idaho.

With so many changes in our studio classrooms, we at WDWDN are curious about what inventions and discoveries grew out of your teaching and learning experiences this year.

Did you find new uses or unexpected opportunities with any tools or materials?

Let us know! Contact our Contributing Editors with stories about what you tried at:

Or, offer up your new discoveries in the form of a Project Share Submission.

Our Submission Review Process is ongoing.


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